Monday, June 12, 2006

2:32 pm

aaahhh the things people do for love!

i used to be like that,
i used to say I'd do anything...anything
and it was everything...everything...everything to me

in a way i still feel the same
except i'm not a bloody fool anymore

but if i'm not a fool in love then who am i?

there was a time when that was all i used to be

fool in love - my identity

it was painful in an ignorable way
but it was bliss in its own, messed-up version

now it's a peaceful kind of bliss with a slightly muted form of passion
muted to stop me from being a fool

i am content alright
very much so

and i am so very grateful for where i am

but i do miss that ingnorant, crazy, innocent, little fool that used to be me

the fool in love.

1 comment:

  1. laughing my ass off at "innocent"

    i mean come on seriously...bu wah haha hahah


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