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  1. Your blog looks great Sus! I am a huge fan- as you know! Thanks so much for sharing all your talents and recipes! I will keep reading! :)

  2. My god... how many vegan ice-cream recipes do you have??! amazing...!

  3. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! One look at this page tells me I'm going to like yours a whole lot :)

  4. I just discovered this site and the recipes are wonderful. Today I made the expresso brownies from a couple of years ago and the taste was so good, but they were dry. I have lost the whipping attachment to my blender so I whipped it by hand, would an electric mixer be better? Or perhaps it was dry because I stirred the final ingredients for too long. Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for trying out my recipe. :) The wet and dry ingredients should be mixed very quickly with a fork or spoon and not whipped. It sounds like you might have over mixed it.

  6. I would like to thank you for this website. I have a baby with a condition called pku. Without treatment she would suffer brain damage. With treatment she will be fine. Her diet will be mainly fruit and vegetables. So finding such interesting and tasty recipes is fantastic. Some of the ingredients we will need to change for low protein ones. But it means she will have some tasty Indian food options. Thank you again.

  7. Thank you for these recipes. I have a baby with a condition called PKU. Without treatment she would suffer severe brain damage. With a special diet she will be fine. Most of her diet will consist of fruit and vegetables. Some of the ingredients in the recipes we will need to change for low protein ones. But it is good to find such tasty recipe ideas that my little girl can have. Thank you again.


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