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Monday, February 07, 2022

Creamy Broccoli Hazelnut Soup

Angled view of striped blue and white bowl with creamy broccoli hazelnut soup in it. It's on a wooden cutting board placed on a granite kitchen counter top. Reflection of the bowl on the counter top at the bottom of the photograph.


Have you ever tried soup with boondi sprinkled on it? Here's how that stroke of genius came about today...

I'd finished licking up my big serving of soup and was congratulating myself on a particularly healthy, nutritious lunch. ☺️ Soooo much broccoli in my tummy!

I rinsed the bowl and was just about to walk out of the kitchen, when I spied the khara boondi pack on the counter looking at me with its smug little face. 😏

Its voice in my head sounded like a bunch of tiny squeaky imps in chorus, "healthy lunch, you say? Muhuhahaha." 😈

I'd like to claim that my willpower was strong, but traitor that it is, it went, "the lunch was healthy, so what harm could a bit of boondi do, really?"

I succumbed. 🀷🏻‍♀️

As I was guiltily munching on the boondi, I was struck by a thought... "boondi on soup". Wait, what?! I had to try it right away.

Spoonful of hazelnut broccoli soup held up to the camera with boondi sprinkled on it. Silly imp faces digitally drawn on to the boondis.

I was too full, so I only tasted a spoonful of soup with some boondi sprinkled on. What an awesome combination it was! The creaminess and crunch complimented each other perfectly.

Soup's a rare event in our house. I don't know why, because it's such a healthy, deeply satisfying meal. But I have a feeling that the next time I buy boondi (which is also rare), I'm totally going to be making soup to have with it.

Aha! Take that evil boondi! You're only going to inspire more healthy choices in me.πŸ˜›

Anyway, on to the recipe. As always, feel free to switch flavours around to suit your tastebuds and ingredient availability.

Creamy vegan soup being ladled into a bowl. Top view, close up.

Creamy Broccoli Hazelnut Soup

To blend:
500 gms Broccoli (florets and stems)
3 T Hazelnuts
1 T Nutritional Yeast (optional)
3 small cloves of Garlic
1/4 tsp Jaggery
Salt (I used a mix of regular and pink)

To stir in later:
Freshly crushed Black Pepper
Dried Orange Peel Powder
Lemon Juice

  • Steam the broccoli for 20-25 mins and allow to cool slightly
  • Grind hazelnuts, nooch, garlic, and salt into a powder*
  • Add the steamed broccoli and a bit of water and blend into a creamy paste
  • Pour in more water as required and blend into desired thickness of soup
  • Transfer to a vessel, crush pepper on top and sprinkle dried orange peel powder
  • Warm up the soup for a few minutes on medium heat while stirring
  • Take it off the heat and stir lemon juice into it
  • Serve warm (possibly with boondi sprinkled on top hehe) and enjoy! :)

*This powder makes for a damn yum Parmesan alternative!

Note: All khara boondis are not created equal. The one I had today happened to be from Adukale (very tasty), but Maiyas and MTR boondis are super delicious too. Only thing, make sure to check the ingredients every single time! Stupid ghee gets added to boondi sometimes. Grr. 😑

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Watermelon Gazpacho and Appreciating Myself

Watermelon Gazpacho

Happy New Year my dah-lings! :)

I know, I know, we're almost a month into 2014. But I've been so busy that I barely noticed January zipping by. There's been *so much* to do on various fronts, not the least of which is my job at our local vegan restaurant. I've turned into one of those people who need to make task lists and spreadsheets to keep track of things. Sheesh!

I've come to realise that there's a sore need for me to compartmentalise my time and leave chunks of breathing space, just to relax and reset. It's also extremely important that I periodically reflect on what I've accomplished and achieved. Otherwise it feels like I'm only doing, doing, doing things with a lot more to do but not taking note of and appreciating how much is getting done.

Most people who know me, especially those who follow and participate in the "I am thankful..." posts on my Art by Susmitha page on Facebook, know that I'm a huge believer in the power of Gratitude and that I make it a point to consciously give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life. From now on, I'm adding the practice of Conscious Self-Appreciation to my daily, or at least weekly, habits too.

It goes something like this:

- I rode my bicycle all the way from home to work this weekend. I'm freaking awesome!
- I created a twitter account for Carrots last weekend and live-tweeted photographs throughout the Portuguese Vegan Cooking Demo by Chef Nandan. How very cool and hip of me. :P
- I changed sheets, vacuumed, did laundry, washed vessels, scrubbed the bathroom walls and generally got a bunch of household chores out of the way this week. Freaking super woman, eh?!
- I took the lead on organising and pulling off a nice candle light dinner event at the restaurant for a really sweet, young couple. Aww I'm such a sappy, romantic. ;)
- I got a jewellery order package mailed out. Yay me!
- I took a proper, full day off from work, without even checking my email or social media pages no matter how tempted I was to do so. Brownie points for self-care.
- I'm getting this blog post done right now. Yeah! I kickass. :D

This is so much fun! By the end of this short list I'm feeling super good about myself. I invite you to try it too. It'll be quite addictive.

Go ahead, leave a comment and proudly tell me all the things you feel awesome about accomplishing recently. :)

Meanwhile, here's another thing I'm proud of - a delicious, refereshing Watermelon Gazpacho!

I created it for our Vegan Bangalore monthly potluck last weekend. The gorgeous red-pink colour makes it look like I whizzed some rubies together in my mixie. :P It's so pretty, and yummy that I had to take pictures and share the recipe with you.

Watermelon Gazpacho

Apart from all the fruit and veggie chopping work, this cold soup is super easy to prepare. Here is how you do it:

- Blend together:
1 3/4 small Watermelons
1/4 Beet
1 Red Carrot (Gajad)
4 small Tomatoes
1 Ripe Chilli (green chilli that's turned red but hasn't dried yet)
8 cloves of Garlic
2 T Lime Juice
1 tsp Raspberry Wine Vinegar (Balsamic can be used instead)
2 T Nutritional Yeast (optional)
Salt (to taste)

- Stir in:
1/4 Watermelon - chopped
10 Strawberries - sliced
1 small Red Onion - chopped finely
Thyme - lightly crushed
Rosemary - lightly crushed
Pepper - crushed well

- Taste and adjust the flavours.
- Pour into a vessel/container, cover and chill in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
- Slurp and Enjoy! :)

Have a wonderful 2014, filled with an abundance of gratitude, love, laughter and joy! I love you all. *hugs* :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Noochos Gracias Raw Soup - Vegan MoFo 2013 Day 14

All raw soups are very enjoyable when the weather is hot, but during the cooler seasons it's a great idea to blend some warming elements into the concoction.

Keeping in mind the cloudy/rainy days we've been experiencing, I added tulsi, radish, cinnamon and a few other naturally 'spicy' ingredients while creating this soup. They have a certain kind of heat to them, so the soup generates a warm, toasty feeling as it down the throat.

Noochos Gracias Raw Soup

Noochos Gracias is a soup that is bursting with so much character that you'll be saying many thanks with each spoonful you slurp. Though there are all kinds of delicious flavours in there, the lead role is played by nutritional yeast, more lovingly referred to as nooch. See what I did there with the soup's name? :p

As I mentioned in my Zucchini Fettuccine post, you can currently order nutritional yeast in India from i2cook. You can also try making this soup without the nooch. I'm sure it'll be yummy in a different way. You'll just have to call it No-Noochos Gracias and be a little less thankful for it. hehe

Noochos Gracias Raw Soup

Noochos Gracias Raw Soup
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2

For the soup:
5 Naati Tomatoes (or any other tart, juicy variety) - cubed
1 medium sized Radish - roughly chopped
¼ Cucumber - roughly chopped
1 inch piece Onion
½ inch fresh Ginger
1 clove of Garlic
Handful of Tulsi/Indian Basil Leaves
8-10 Cashews
3 T Nutritional Yeast
1 tsp Tabasco Pepper Sauce
Splash of Lime Juice
Salt to taste
½-¾ C clean, filtered Water

For the topping:
1 Tomato
¼ Cucumber
Handful fresh Coriander/Cilantro

* Place all the soup ingredients, except tomatoes and water, in a blender jar and grind well.
* Add the tomatoes and water and blend into a creamy soup.
* Pour into large serving bowls.
* Finely chop the topping ingredients and stir into the soup.
* Slurp and enjoy! :)

Noochos Gracias Raw Soup

I wanted to have the Raw Almond Pulp Crackers with this soup but totally forgot! I'm sure it'll be a a great combination.

This recipe has been entered in the Virtual Vegan Linky Potluck 4. Visit the link to check out more awesome recipes that have been submitted by various bloggers.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Melon Mustard Gazpacho - Vegan MoFo 2013 Day 10

Melon Mustard Gazpacho

This cold soup was the first recipe I created for this year's Vegan MoFo when I found out about it in August. But I hadn't found the right time to post it until now.

Since I kicked off MoFo with a tutorial on making Almond Mylk, I ended up posting various recipes related to that throughout the first week. Then early in the second week, there was a Creamy Tomato Basil Soup recipe which was a guest post on my blog by Manasa and I didn't want another soup recipe here very soon after that.

Today finally seems to be the right time for me to be sharing this. Since it's a weekend, I don't want to spend too much time online. So there are no HowDos and no stop-motion videos. Just a simple and refreshing recipe for you to quickly whip up and enjoy. :)

Melon Mustard Gazpacho

I grow my own organic mustard leaves by planting mustard seeds in a pot. These are very good for health and have a really delicious flavour. I recommend that you grow your own organic mustard leaves too if you have a garden or a well lit balcony where you can place potted plants. They grow very quickly and easily.

If you can't get your hands on mustard leaves, you can always use other greens. I suggest that you use something with a hint of spiciness to it, like arugula or radish greens.

Melon Mustard Gazpacho

1 Musk Melon
2 Tomatoes
1 C Mustard Leaves
1/2 Lime
1/8 tsp Salt

* De-seed, peel and cube the musk melon
* Cube the tomatoes
* Add the musk melon, tomatoes and mustard leaves into a blender jar
* Squeeze lime juice over them and add the salt
* Blend well (it's okay if a few small chunks are left)
* Serve fresh and raw
* Enjoy! :)

Melon Mustard Gazpacho

By the way, Rando is back. Yay! :)

For those of you who don't know, RandoMoFo is a randomiser for Vegan MoFo. Every time you visit, a totally random Vegan MoFo participant's blog is loaded. And since I love surprises, this is my absolute favourite way to blog hop during MoFo and drool over all the delicious food posts.

Give it a go, you'll see why I like it so much. But let me warn you, Rando is a highly addictive fella. So if you're a Vegan MoFo blogger, first finish writing up your blog post for the day before you get on the Rando ride. ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup - guest post by Manasa of Cure yourself with Food - Vegan MoFo 2013 Day 7

Today, I have a special guest post from Manasa Rajan of Cure yourself with Food. Manasa is a Nutrition Coach who lives here in Bangalore, India. I met her for the first time at one of our Vegan Bengaluru monthly potlucks and was very impressed to hear about the healthy, high raw diet that she and her family, including her young daughter, follow.

When I decided to include a few guest posts for MoFo this time, I knew one of her recipes would be perfect to share here. I was very happy when she agreed to create a raw recipe for my blog. And what a delicious, refreshing recipe it is!

Manasa's Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Apart from her blog, Manasa can also be found on Facebook and Google Plus. Thank you for guest posting on Veganosaurus today, Manasa! :)

Now on to her post...


When Susmitha asked me to do a guest post on one of my raw vegan recipes, I was a bit tempted to do a raw dessert with nuts and fruits. But lately I have been craving more savoury and spicy foods; my lunch seems to comprise of some kind of raw soup everyday. So, I decided to share one of my favourite raw soup recipes, which is making its presence on a loop in my kitchen. Creamy tomato basil soup!!!

Manasa's Tomatoes

The potted tomato plants on my balcony are offering little plump red beauties, which I cannot get myself to put on the stove to 'cook', I want to preserve and enjoy them in their natural, whole (and organic) lusciousness.

Manasa's Chilli PlantManasa's Tomato Plant

So, here's to raw vegan (really) fast food!!!


1/4 cup raw cashews (soaked for 4-5 hours)
5-6 medium sized tomatoes
1 1/2 cups hot water
1 ghost pepper (or a regular green chilly)
3-4 black pepper corns
1-2 tsp dried basil
1 clove of garlic
sea salt to taste
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

Manasa's CashewsManasa's Soup ingredients in blender jar


Rinse and drain the cashews. Put all the ingredients in a high powered blender and blend. The motion of the high powered blender like a Vitamix will heat up the soup, but if you are using a regular blender, you might need to run it a bit longer and be really careful with the steam being generated in the jar. Warm the soup a bit (do not boil), if you prefer. You can taste the soup and add more seasoning if required.

Manasa's Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mid-MoFo Flashback and Roundup Vegan MoFo day 10

Previously on Veganosaurus at Vegan MoFo...

Avo-Orange Chocolate Mousse started out Desserts Week with all the joy and hope of Vegan MoFo in her eyes. Bursting with smug chocolatey goodness, she knew in her heart this would be the year when all blog posts would fall into place beautifully.

Mostly Raw Avocado Orange Chocolate Mousse

Her siblings, who were also raw/mostly raw like her, followed suit...

Fig and Cinnamon Ice cream was well loved by all, causing a fair share of drool with her cinnamon-y curves.

Raw Fig and Cinnamon Ice cream made of Almond and Coconut Mylks

Hazelnut Mocha Cheezecake was the king of the party with his wow factor and his sexy mocha-ness.

Mostly Raw Hazelnut Mocha Cheezecake

The Cashew Barfi Truffles came next. Quintuplets of three cocoa boys and two saffron girls with their gooey cardamom-y sweetness. The highly intense saffron burst of the girls elicited a lot of gasps.

Mostly Raw Cashew Barfi Truffles

The smooth and elegant Banana Walnut Cinnamon Vanilla Crème was a soothing end to Week One with her gentle, healthy touch.

Banana Walnut Cinnamon Vanilla Crème

Desserts aren't an easy act to follow but the Soup and Salad family of Week Two were confident they could live up to the bar that had been set. Or so they thought...

It started well enough when Carrot Hesarubele Kosumbari kicked the week off with her vivacious, happy colours and South Indian personality.

Carrot Hesarubele Kosumbari

And Nalli Kai Salad piqued everyone's curiosity with her exotic aura and tangy undertones.

Nalli Kai Salad

Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup attracted interest with his muted, down to earth iron richness and easy going nature.

Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup

Masala Mandakki aka Churmuri made all the girls giggle and blush with his spicy, street side drawl. "Hey baby. Yeeeahhhh, that's what I'm talking about." *whistles*

Masale Mandakki Churmuri

But alas *dun dun dun* Friday's Soup failed to make an appearance owing to the recipe creator slacking off and hoping that no one would notice.

In her defence, Ms Veganosaurus was very tired and stuck in bed. She had to depend on sweet Mr Veganosaurus to cook for her. He made a delicious Peas Pulao but since that wasn't a part of the theme, the Soup and Salad family graciously thanked and refused Peas Pulao's offer to appear on Friday's blog post.

The audience of course was very forgiving, since it was after all not a Dessert post that had been denied them.

Meanwhile, in MoFo-land...

Psychedelic chutneys at Vegan on the Prowl.

Vegan on the Prowl

Innovative Pizzas at Vegan Richa.

Vegan Richa

Traditional and Contemporary Indian recipes from Tongue Ticklers.

Peanut Mylky delicacies from An Unrefined Vegan.

Meeting cool vegans and a whole variety of delicious themes at Veganville.


Some more cool vegans and yummy goodness at Fellowship of the Vegetable (awesomest blog name eva!).

Fellowship of the Vegetable

Super happy, adorable dishes and the yumminess that's served in them at Kittee Kake - Cake Maker to the Stars.

Awesome desserts and more from someone who claims that desserts are not her thing (teehee), From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours.

From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours

And finally cute bunnies and unexplored ingredients from A-Z at Flicking the Vs.

From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours

Next time on the drama series Veganosaurus at Vegan MoFo...

The Main Dishes are all lined up and ready for Week Four with Mashed Potato Sweet Potato Bake at the head.

Mashed Potato Sweet Potato Bake

But even though it's Sunday evening, the Snacks and Starters ideas for Week Three have not even begun to pop into Ms Veganosaurus' head yet. *gasp*

Will Vegan MoFo Week Three successfully take place on the blog that's loved by all? Or will you be met with disappointing tumbleweeds when you eagerly arrive here on Monday night? Will Mr Veganosaurus survive the crazed killer that Ms Veganosaurus is to become? How many fistfuls of hair will be lost by the end of the week?

Your narrator couldn't answer any of those questions now because she doesn't want to spoil the suspense (and also because she really has no clue).

To find out, come back here Weekdays (or Week-nights, depending on your timezone) and enjoy the drama of Veganosaurus at Vegan MoFo.

Until then, have a wonderful Sunday! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup Vegan MoFo day 8

I cut it really close today. I figured out what I was going to prepare for tonight's blog post at 4:55pm. Since the last of the photo-adequate daylight usually disappears at around 5:30pm, that left me about 20 minutes to make the soup so I'd have 10-15 minutes to click a decent number of good photos to choose from. Thankfully, soups are fairly quick to make and I managed to whip up this Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup and grab a bunch of nice pics.

This one below is my favourite. Depending on the way one views it, it could look like a painting.

Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup

In my hurry to make the soup, I didn't blanch the spinach long enough and didn't wait for it to cool before blending. Then to top it off, I added lime juice while everything was still hot. All this resulted in a light bitterness in the soup (which wasn't too bad but it would've been nicer without it). So when you make it, please make sure to show more patience than I did and you'll be much happier than I was with the end result.

Before we move on to the recipe, I wanted to share something awesome with you. To the lay person's eyes, this picture below would look like a common logo on a packet of Gingelly Oil (that's what we call Sesame Oil, here in South India). However, in the eyes of a Vegan, it is something very special. Can you figure out why that is? No peeking at the answer below the pic until you've tried guessing. :)

Pasumark Gingelly Oil

Gingelly Oil is known for its health benefits and positive spiritual energy. It is widely used in South India in cooking as well as in lamps at holy altars. It is also an excellent moisturiser and conditioner. Once a week, apply Gingelly Oil on your skin, scalp and hair about 20-30 minutes before your bath. Once you're done bathing, you'll be rewarded with soft, glowing skin and silky, shiny hair.

The most common way that Gingelly Oil is consumed traditionally is by stirring it into Sambar/Rasam Rice or mixing with various Chutney Pudis (like Rithika's Gun Powder) to create dips for Dosas, Idlis, Chapathis and Breads. If people don't mix Gingelly Oil into these, the alternative they fall back on is highly concentrated fat made of stolen bovine body fluid aka Ghee.

So now you see why the Pasumark Gingelly Oil logo is so special? Because *finally* it's an image of a smiling cow with an actual reason to smile. She's happy because you're using Gingelly Oil instead of stealing her baby's food. :)

Hubby and I normally like the taste and smell of Idhayam Gingelly Oil best, but as soon as we saw the logo we couldn't resist buying this packet of Pasumark. It turned out to be pretty tasty too but hey, what else can you expect from a brand with such an honest logo? Haha

Now on to today's recipe, which has nothing to do with Gingelly Oil or any oil for that matter. It's a pretty healthy soup.

Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup

Spinach Coconut Mylk Soup

1 big bunch Spinach Leaves (around 200 gms)
1/4 C Coconut Cream or 1/2 C Coconut Mylk
1 T Sesame Seeds
Pepper Powder
Pinch of Sugar
Lime Juice (optional)

Wash the spinach leaves well and blanch them in boiling water for half a minute.
Drain and keep aside until cool enough to blend (5-10 mins).
Put them into a blender jar along with the rest of the ingredients (except lime juice).
Blend into a creamy finish by adding 1 to 2 C of clean, filtered water.
Pour into bowls.
Taste and adjust the salt, stir in lime juice if you want to.
Sprinkle a few sesame seeds on top.
Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creamy Pumpkin Radish Soup

In the first two weeks of May we had a lot of thunderous rain. The powerful, cooling breeze gave us respite from the terrible heat the preceding days of blazing sun had wrought. It felt amazing!

But the thing about persistently cloudy, rainy days is that they make me want to be constantly burrowing under a cozy blankie, reading Tom Robbins or Wodehouse or cuddling on the couch with hubby, watching episodes of Misfits or Modern Family.

If only I had a genie who'd appear in my kitchen and make those rainy day comfort foods - Deep Fried Bajjis and Bondas, Multi Grain Herbed Loaves, Piping Hot Soups and Stews, Hot Chocolate Brownies, Spicy Masala Chai... Mmmmmmm

Apparently hubby was thinking on the same lines, except he seemed to be under the impression that I was the genie! It was the evening of a particularly rainy day. I had just managed to steam and toast a batch of GF Flatbreads for dinner. I was feeling too lazy to make anything to go with it so my idea was that we would be having it with garlic pickle and chutney pudi mixed with vegan curds. But hubby had other ideas. One look at the bread and he was like, "oooh that would be so nice with some hot, spicy soup".

Normally I might've replied, "yeah I bet it would, but here's the garlic pickle!" But the poor guy had been sniffling all day with a cold (minor dust allergy from the cleaning we'd done around the house on the previous day), so I said, "okay baby, soup coming up soon". Then I proceeded to concoct the easiest, quickest, yet one of the most delicious soups I'd ever made. It's *laziness* that's the true mother of all invention! :D

Creamy Pumpkin Radish Soup

1 large slice Red Pumpkin
2-3 large White Radishes
1/2 C Almonds
1 tsp each of Cumin Seeds and Black Pepper Corns
1/2 tsp Fennel Seeds
1 inch Cinnamon
2 Cloves
Nutritional Yeast

De-seed and clean the pumpkin. Keep the peel intact and cube.
Toss with salt and microwave in a medium sized glass dish for five to six minutes.
Meanwhile, scrub and wash the radish and slice into roundels.
Add the radish to the pumpkin and microwave for another one minute.
Keep aside to cool to room temperature.

Combine the whole spices in a small glass dish and microwave for one to two minutes, until they emit a nice aroma.
Allow to cool for a few minutes.

Grind the almonds and the roasted spices together into a find powder.
Mix in the cooked veggies and blend into a smooth paste, using a little water at a time.
Add more water to reach desired consistency and blend well.

Pour the mixture back into the glass dish used to cook the veggies and microwave on medium heat for two to three minutes.

Ladle into large soup bowls, crush more pepper on top, sprinkle some nooch and serve hot with some toasted vegan, gluten free pearl millet flatbread.

Enjoy! :)