Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Torturer

Kids really do make all the difference!

Due to a heartbreaking incident that life threw at us, we've spent the last two weeks in Chennai. In the dark and brooding time, there was this one little ray of sunshine and that was my niece. No matter how sad one is, just one look at that evil little grin and it'll take your mind off everything else (even if it is only for a few moments) and you can't help but laugh.

She arrived in this world with two little horns and a huge smile. The worlds littlest torturer!
She was born a torture machine. Her mother was in labor for 18 hours... 18 very painful hours.
Now she's 2 1/2. A very affectionate and loving child (never hesitates to shower you with hugs and kisses), but unfortunately her most preferred way of showing affection... pinching your ear with all her might with those teeny tiny nails. And she grits her teeth while she does it :op

She talks and talks and talks... and boy is her imagination wild! Her stories are the debris of those nonsensical Tamil soaps she watches on TV all day with her grandparents. She not only narrates the stories but also relates them to her life and just at the right moments she repeats the dialogues word for word with full dramatic effect!!! She also makes up her own words. Most of the time it's hard to understand what she's saying - I don't think she expects us to =)

No one would believe me if I told them that this little impess, months away from turning 3, knows how to cover up curse words (which she so enjoys saying) so she doesn't get into trouble for using them! She knows if she says "panni" (pig in tamil) she'll ge into some serious trouble so she turns it into "panini" whenever she sees fit!! And that is just one example.

This little princess thinks I'm a life sized dolls. And ever since I've been there, she's been wanting me to play with her and do nothing else. I must do her every bidding. Sleepy, tired, hungry... those words don't apply to me :)
"Fufitha aunty (as she calls me) sleeping??? Off with her head!!"

She has insisted that she take her afternoon naps next to me and while she falls asleep she has a habit of holding my ear and playing with it. Just by the way she twists in around I can make out exactly when she's about to doze off. Thats when the child in her shows through :)

Two days since I left her and came back home. Two days since I heard that happy little voice greeting me each morning with "hii fufitha aunty" and a big loving smile.

I miss her already!


  1. Hey susmi...very sorry to hear about your loss.Seriously kids are the best seem so much better if u see it thru their eyes.

    Came across ur blog by chance n am totally in love with ur bead work. Do u sell them anywhere??I live in blore n would love to see your collection.

  2. Well my birdies flew away around 2 months back and life has never been the same in this 2bhk flat.

    Life surely was worth it with them around Sigh !!!

    keep writing....

  3. so you do still post....its been a while since i have been bloghopping...and you didn't tell me about the niece when we did speak...hmm