Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vegan Bean

I recently discovered this site called Vegan Bean. Run by two very vegan people from San Fransisco, this site is a quick online source for everything vegan - recipes, films, food reviews and various vegan news items.

And their special section on Why Be Vegan? isn't another FAQ for wannabe vegans. Rather, with it's videos from behind the scenes in animal farms, it acts as a strong reminder on why being and staying vegan would make the world a better place.

Vegan Bean is less like a guide book and more like an an online magazine where you can read new and interesting information from the vegan world.


  1. Very cool blog. That 'Why Be Vegan' Section is overflowing with info!

  2. Seriously, I just went there and spent like 20 minutes going through all the articles and videos. Sad but very real stuff.

  3. Hi~ I love it, they featured me and Etsy for Animals, and we are linked to on their side links, and well as Etsy Veg and Vegan Etsy ;)) They bought a Slaughterhouse Angels print from my shop, and my brother designed their banner, at my reccomendation ;0) They rock!!!!! mvegan5, michele

    I am so sorry about your sweet little turtle, he was lucky to have been so loved by you ;)


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