Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore Bomb Blast 25 July 2008

I would have been in my own sweet world in my quiet little apartment and never even have known if dad hadn't called to tell me about the bomb blasts which have taken place all over the city. One of the blasts happened so close to home it's scary!!

I don't have a TV here and even if I did, I most likely wouldn't have been watching the news channel. I avoid NEWS (in any form) like the plague, it's nothing but negative energy, striking fear into people and spreading waves of bad vibes...

When was the last time we read/watched/heard about some random positive thing in the headlines?

I know you're probably forming certain unpleasant opinions about me. Don't bother sharing, I've heard them all "doesn't pay to be ignorant", "get out of your little well", "HOW can you not stay informed?"...

Yes, I am glad I found out about what happened today so I could call the people I care about and ensure that they're safe. But I'm not interested in any further details about this blasted event (no pun intended)!!

If you haven't already figured it out, let me tell you that this blog post isn't ABOUT today's blasts. You're not going to find any information here that you haven't already read elsewhere online. Not like there's much information out there anyway. All I can see are 2 paragraphed posts stating that there have been 6 bomb blasts today and the locations of these.

Yeah, so they'll speculate on who could've done this and then share their 'opinions'. And even if they do end up actually finding out the people behind this, then what? If that kind of information helped, then security would've been such that this would'nt even have taken place in the first place! 6 places, all in one day... shame on us!! It could be anyone - terrorists, the opposition, even the government. And you know what, they can strike again any time and I bet you it'll still take us by surprise because by then, we would have forgotten all about today. Today it's all headlines, people injured, tragedy, danger... and then something else happens and June 25th 2008 is another buried story. So what's the point of watching the news and learning about people's misery when you're going to be ignorant anyways?!

Can't even begin to understand WHY anyone needs to do these things!! What does anyone plan to achieve by bombing places, killing people and disrupting lives??? The pointlessness of it all is simply sickening!!

Part of my family is out at work. They were told not to leave the office while things are monitored and all seems safe. I spoke to them, they are fine. But obviously, I won't be happy till they're home safe.

I now have only 2 choices... Either sit here biting my nails OR try to go about my day till they all get home safe.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.... deep breaths.... positive thoughts...

F$@#!! A transformer or something outside went DHUB just now. Made me jump!!

Come on Sus, concentrate... more positive thoughts... deep breaths...

I bet you people are glued to the TV right now, watching the same loop of injured people over and over again... getting scared... brewing fear and spewing unwanted energies into the environment... Know what these energies will do? They will make people feel things they shouldn't be feeling, make them hate and then finally it'll result in future idiots like the ones responsible today. Unable to bear all the bad energies, they'll want to go spread it out into the world.

It's a vicious circle!!

Maybe... just maybe we could break the damned circle!!!

How about we watch less news to begin with? Yeah yeah, keep yourself informed and all that. Bangalore blasts, 6 places, what places... and then stop. STOP gawking at that TV screen with clips of dying people!! What good is that going to do??

Instead, sit back, close your eyes and say a protective prayer for everyone. Then think positive thoughts... of the everyday miracles... you know, good stuff!

Picture that everyone's safe and happy and there's peace all over the city. And love and harmony too. Happy people. Content.. friendly.. and satisfied with everything they have. And while you're at it, how about focusing on a picture of a cleaner, healthier city? More cyclists and pedestrians - happy, safe ones. More electric vehicles. Beautiful green trees. The ability to take deep breaths right in the middle of the road and relishing every bit of the pure, clean, happy air.
Happy happy happy
Joy joy joy

Keep seeing it, keep saying it and one day this will be our truth.

Until then, if any of you start a GOOD NEWS TV, let me know ;)


  1. lazy, lazy, lazy and when I'm not lazing around I like to create :)

    I say, “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”

  2. I have to avoid the news too! I can't handle the constant bad news.


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