Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hope for a better world

As I've mentioned in my earlier post(s), I generally stay away from newspapers because of the shitload of negative energy they carry. But this morning the first thing I did was rush to the living room and grab today's paper. The whole front page was filled with the most pleasing stuff... Obama the new President to-be! :)

Words can't express how happy I felt to see a large picture of that most extraordinary man kissing his wife to celebrate his victory!! Made a perfect beginning to my day! :)

I am of the "politics sucks!" school of thought. So you can imagine my knowledge (or lack thereof) pertaining to this fine man. But there's something about him that has always appealed to me. It's probably the New Age-Spiritual-Reiki-Metaphysics Girl in me who speaks when I say "I have an awesome gut feeling about this man and his role in the future of the Earth". He really cares for the planet and for ALL of Mother Nature's creatures. The man cruises in a hybrid and one of the first things he's doing upon his victory is adopt (yes adopt not buy) a puppy for his children!! What else can I say?

He hasn't even stepped into office yet and already the news of his victory has come with further good tidings. Prop 2 got passed! People have been struggling to achieve this in forever and then wham it just happened! :)

This President is going to be about far more than better political moves or a more stable economy. He's going to be about Peace, Love and Hope for a beautiful world to come.

I know the world is expecting a LOT out of him but I truly feel he can meet all those expectations and more.

I deeply believe he is the Universe's answer to our prayers for a beautiful tomorrow :)

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