Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vegan Etsy Sampler Pack

I recently received my the VeganEtsy promo pack which I'd purchased a short while ago. And when I opened it, boy was I thrilled with the goodies inside! All that for 10 bucks plus shipping (actual shipping, no 'handling' charges either). It was TOTALLY worth it and more! I'm so grateful to Molly for having started the group and the store. I got so many things I had my eye on and it was so nice to sample these seller's products.

For so long I'd wanted to own a cute vegetable print from myzoetrope and I got this awesome Onion!! Now I know I'll be getting more to go with it as soon as I've accumulated some moolah!! :)

And OMG a little ceramic "Vegan" keychain from VeganDish, I couldn't believe my eyes! She's a celebrity and I'd wanted to own a VeganDish mug from the first time I set eyes on them!! This keychain is a perfect "taster" for those who don't have the ka-ching to buy those mugs or bowls yet. Makes me feel like I'm closer to that dream mug :D

I also found a couple of lovely trinkets from StarrlightJewelry - a pin and a tree ornament. And I have to say, apart from being a talented artist, she also happens to be an awesome person! :)

And then there was this beautiful painting print of The Proud Chicken by monicarichards. It really makes you see the free and proud chicken in all it's glory on and makes you think of the reality of it's sad fate in today's world of poultry farms. A really moving work of art!!

I also got some great coupon deals for doggie treats and recipes from UberDuperCreations and emmask9kitchen along with a cute pin and a Vegan magnet. I can't use the coupons myself but I can think of friends would love them :)

And finally, the best for last. My absolute favorite in the whole bunch is the Vegan Lip Balm from DaisyWares. Oh GAWD it smells simply heavenly!!! That Vanilla fragrance..mmmmm. Makes me hungry just thinking about it!! It left my lips so smooth. And boy did I have a tough time keeping my DH from eating it up right out of the tube! LOL Just looking at those other flavors available is making my mouth water! Whoever thought a Root Beer lip balm would exist? It's ingenious! Needless to say I'm gonna be HOARDING these up soon!!

I can't wait for the next VeganEtsy promo pack to be available at the store! Boy oh boy oh boy! :) :) :)


  1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the sweet comments. I'm so happy you like the lip balm! You really made my day, I'm beaming!

    You are very talented and I just adore your little clay animals.

  2. Thank you so much Susmitha! I loved my VE package too! I want to get some more for holiday gifts.

  3. Yaaay! I'm so glad you liked Mister Onion! Thank you so much!