Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Vegan Donuts

I spent all evening in the kitchen making Vegan Donuts today. I made 3 types - sugar coated, chocolate glazed and cinnamon twisted. They turned out delish!!

Thanks to Jenny Marmalade for making me want to attempt these. And thanks to Lisa for the recipe (there used to be a link here but that page has disappeared).
I approximately halved the quantity of the ingredients and also instead of Vegan Butter I used Coconut Oil. My egg replacer was flax seeds and only that I used the full quantity equivalent to 1 egg instead of half.

Lessons I learnt...

1. Vegan Donuts are soooo YUM!!

2. They are labor intensive and time consuming (well at least they seemed that way because it was my first try).

3. Hubby's fall in love with you all over again from the very the first bite :D

4. They are so not healthy! Not even in their vegan form so I dread to think of the non vegan version. EGAD!!! *shudders*. They suck oil like nobody's business and they are made completely out of all purpose aka nutrient-less flour.

5. Take pics almost as soon as you've made them since they disappear real fast.

6. Make and eat them once in a rare while and you'll be fine :)


  1. No fair, no fair!!! I want one. Now. Right now!!....any left????


  2. Mmmmm.... donuts! Good to know you can use all those vegan substitutions- thanks for posting- they turned out beautiful!

  3. LOL

    Amanda, if you can get here in half an hour, there might be some saved for you :D

    Karma, yeah its really easy to Veganize most things. Thank God for that! :)

  4. I think anyone who does a post about vegan donuts should have to store some away to mail out to readers - I have two hours of work left, during which time my mouth is going to be watering over your donuts!!
    : (

  5. haha if only the net had a teleporting option :)
    hope u find time to try the recipe.

  6. they may not be healthy but they sure look good.

  7. Geri, I'm working on a slightly healthier version. The frying cannot be skipped I suppose but maybe the flours used could be healthier.