Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mitsy's Flickr Favorites Game

Joining in on the flickr mosaic game by Mitsy of Artmind. I had to find a bunch of my favorite pictures on flickr and create a mosaic out of them. Then create a blog post and submit the link to theArtmind blog.

I created my mosaic entirely out of one artist's pictures. Jennifer of jakrandomart takes beautiful and interesting pictures and I often like browsing through her collection.

1. Canon, 2. Wall, 3. Blue Jay, 4. Window, 5. Parlour Gallery, 6. Carousel house, 7. Centerpiece, 8. White Bicycle, 9. Orchids, 10. Art, 11. flower, 12. Earth Day Creature, 13. Tulips


  1. O wow, what a treat! Thanks for sharing your favorite! I can tell why: beautiful pictures! ;)
    Thanks for playing!