Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moody Mondays - Internet Withdrawal Syndrome

Our highly pot-holed tar street got dug out completely last weekend so that a new cement road can replace it. Well yay for cement roads but the goddamned idiots dug up our telephone cables along with the tar!! No phone lines = no broadband. Bloody pissing off!

So since Sunday morning until Thursday evening (and most of Friday too) we were officially internet-less here at home. Now you know why I haven't posted all last week.

I know I'm a net addict but all of last week without the connection made me realize how very dependent I am on having the internet in my daily life. Well yes, I did drop into my mom's place a couple of times and got online for a quick look at a few important things but that really isn't the same as getting connected from the moment I roll out of bed in the morning and staying connected all day long, right until I nearly collapse on the Macbook into dreamworld.

It bugged me enough not to tweet about my evening tea or the rain clouds, so imagine my plight when a gorgeous Owl came to our window and I couldn't put that on my facebook update!! And every night it almost felt like there was no point in concocting some delicious meal when I couldn't even post pictures and recipes on my blog immediately.

A day into this and I was sure my week was going to be a nightmare. But then I happened to learn that life without the internet wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. Despite the torture, a few good things did come out of it...

  • I developed a ridiculously healthy sleep cycle - Got to bed by 9 pm most every night. Hey don't give me that look! In an internet-less world what's a girl to do staying up late anyways?
  • I actually finished reading books which had been dragging on for weeks - Well one needs to read something before falling asleep, even if it isn't reading online.
  • My house was a lot neater - A little too neat if you ask me. With a lack of much else to do, I aimlessly went in circles around the house rearranging things over and over. 
  • The birds chirping outside sounded more beautiful - Spent a LOT of time sticking my head out the kitchen window appreciating nature! Felt like Rapunzel!!
  • I spent a LOT more time with my family (which I love doing anyways) - In fact dad had to kick me out of the house a couple of times so I didn't drive back home too late in the evening.
  • More importantly I got some extra quality time with hubby dearest - No internet for me = no internet for him! >:D Boy was it a pleasure seeing him suffer too! muhuhaha We ended up having adventurous walks exploring the city every evening and long dinners together every night. Hmm I wonder if that vow originally went "...through netlessness and in health..."
  • Oh and my tomato and fenugreek saplings got even more love than usual - They probably got bugged with me checking on them every five minutes!

*Sigh*... it was almost like a blessing that the net was out... almost :)

That's not to say I'm going to give up on my net addiction anytime soon... or ever... but now if I am (God forbid!) ever disconnected from my virtual life for days on end, I know my life won't unravel entirely.


  1. Oh I completely understand! When we lose our internet it sucks. We are on a finicky network so it goes out a few times a month, though not for a week, eek! that would drive me bonkers.....my house would probably be cleaner though, LOL.
    Welcome back to the virtual world ;)

  2. Hehe I know where you're coming from. I am trying to get offline to sort out my life a nit more last week. But the pull of the internet still gets to me.

    But so cool that you're spending more time with loved ones. Me likes your potty plants.

  3. Wonderful article! I know exactly where you are coming from! Every time we leave for the beach, I resist. As much as I love the beach and just being away, I resist. There's no TV, no phone, no internet. But once I am there, I thoroughly enjoy myself. We all need that break from electronics to get back to ourselves. I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself and spend such great time with your family. And sounds like your house and plants benefited as well! Thanks so much for sharing your story! :)

  4. A TERRIFIC post - love the comic strip, too!! Great inspiration for us all to "unplug" a little intentionally....well, maybe....

    You have a new award waiting for you on my blog to be "picked up" :-)