Friday, December 25, 2009

Feeding Etsy to Twitter.

Here's a quick step by step, followed by a video, on how to link your Etsy shop's RSS feed to your Twitter account so each time you create a new listing or relist or renew, this activity gets tweeted automatically.

1. Create an account on TwitterFeed and login.
2. In your dashboard click on "Create New Feed".
3. Enter a name for the feed under "Feed Name" - your Etsy shop name for example.
4. In a new tab/window open your Etsy shop's main page and find the "Subscribe to shop feed" link at the bottom of the right hand column. Right click and copy the link location. Or you can even click on it and copy the link from the address bar.
5. Go back to your TwitterFeed account and paste the link under "RSS Feed URL".
6. Click on "test rss feed" button. It should test and say "Feed parsed OK" in green.
7. Ensure the "Active" box is ticked.
8. The default "Advanced Settings" are fine as they are so leave them alone for now.
9. Click on "Continue to Step 2".
10. Under "Available Services" click on "Twitter".
11. Authenticate your Twitter account or select it from the drop down list if you've already authenticated it before.
12. Click on "Create Service".
13. You can also use TwitterFeed to automatically post your new Etsy listings to your Facebook account or Fan Page at this point if you like by clicking on Facebook and authenticating your account (not shown in video).
14. Click on "All Done".
15. Your Etsy store feed is now set up to automatically post to Twitter whenever you list/renew/relist an item.

You can also link your blog's RSS feed to Twitter using the same method. In Step 5 you just enter your blog's RSS feed link which can be found right at the bottom of your blog - "Subscribe: Posts (Atom)."


  1. Thnaks for this info, I'm going to try to set this up!

  2. Thanks for the info. I was looking for how to put one of those fb badges on my website and it showed my social network and links to you. then i migrated to this post and set up my etsy feed into twitter. i hope people don't find it too spammy!