Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Over $600 raised for the 3 bulls in three days! :)

Save these 3 bullsI'm so happy to share that between online and offline donations, Jodi has raised over $600 for these bulls in less than 3 days! :)

This is from one of the latest updates from Jodi: "I am forever grateful to all of you! These cows are just the sweetest - and I think they know something's going on. Yesterday Dan was walking by them, and Spotty Friend was just staring at him intently. Dan told him that we are doing everything we can to save them - and he look at him and let out the longest "MOOOOOOO" ever! :)"

There are many kind and generous people of the Vegan Etsy, EtsyVeg, CFE and EFA teams donating proceeds from their Etsy stores towards this cause. These stores are filled with some wonderful goodies so if there was a time to buy things from them, it is now!

I'll keep updating this list as new people join in to contribute a portion or all of their sales so please keep checking in.

thisisit - donating 100% of sales on both 3rd Feb and 10th Feb

oooohshiny - donating 50% of the sales through 13th Feb

veganosaurus - donating 50% (or more) of sales through 13th Feb

mvegan5 - donating 10% of sales through 15th Feb

holisticallyheather - donating 100% of sales through 13th Feb

aktie9 - donating 100% of sales through 13th Feb

lolalynn - donating 75% of bracelet sales through 13th Feb

leandogpottery - donating 20% of sales through 13th Feb

kimbascritters - donating 50% of sales through 11th Feb

AuntFlosPads - donating 100% of sales through 13th Feb

dragonhouseofyuen - donating 10% of the next baby hare sale from her store

Karramandi - donating 20% of the next sale from her store

jenoconnell - donating 20% of sales through the end of Feb

silentlotus - donating 25% of sales through 13th Feb

vegandogslife - donating 100% of sales through 12th Feb


  1. So wonderful!! Thanks for keeping us updated! Such a wonderful cause! XOXO :)

  2. So awesome that you posted this! Thanks so much for keeping the list updated! We've now raised over $1200!!!! We're a third of the way there! :)

  3. Wonderful post for a GREAT cause, beautiful shops helping, nice to see more added, gives me hope for the animals ;0) Michele

  4. hey they are awesome!I wanted to ask you a question. Where do you buy polymer clay from? I live in Mumbai and I am finding it hard to get some polymer clay. Please reply!! :))

  5. Hi Shruti, I've heard that Hobby Ideas has it in Mumbai.