Monday, November 29, 2010

Vegan Baadusha Recipe

Do you know why Baadusha starts with 'baad'? Because it is one baaadass sweet! heheh Ok stop cringing, I promise not to make anymore poor jokes for the rest of this post. :oP

We've been making these babies for Diwali in the recent years. One of the quickest desserts to make! The only 'work' involved is the deep frying and even that can be easy with a partner. In my case, I shape the Baadushas and pop them into the oil and DH deep fries them and transfers them into the sugar syrup. 10-15 minutes of this et voilà, all done! :)


2 C maida/all purpose flour (I do intend to try these out with whole wheat flour at some point though)
1/2 C cold coconut oil + more for deep frying
2 C sugar
2 C water + more for the dough
A generous pinch of baking soda
Tiny pinch of salt
Chopped nuts - pista, almond, cashew

Fry the chopped nuts in a bit of coconut oil until lightly brown, strain and keep aside.

Pour this strained oil plus the remainder of the 1/2 C oil into the flour along with the salt and rub everything together until crumbs form.

Sprinkle the soda on top, add a little bit of water and knead into a soft dough.

Cover with a moist cloth and keep aside for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a slightly thick sugar syrup with the sugar and water by boiling them together.

While the syrup is still warm, heat the oil for deep frying.

Shape the dough into little balls, flatten them and press your thumb (or index or whichever finger you like) down in the middle to form a crater in each one.

In batches, deep fry them in the hot oil on a medium flame until golden brown and transfer them directly into the warm sugar syrup.

Let them soak for about 10 minutes.

Using a slotted spoon, transfer them onto a plate and place the nuts in the craters.

After they cool slightly, the sugar syrup will harden a bit and form a layer on top.

At this point the Baadushas are ready to munch on. :)


  1. Awesome recipe! As I told you, I substituted coconut oil with canola. The baadusha-jamoons were finger-smacking good!

  2. These looks great! I can't wait to try this recipe, thanks.

  3. Hi Susmitha! I made these today and they came out great.. kind of like Gulab Jamuns on the outside.. but badushah like - crumbly .. inside! I have some leftover sugar syrup, so might serve them like jamuns! I posted pictures on facebook..
    Oh.. did you ever try these with whole wheat flour? I am curious as to what would happen if we used whole wheat flour (probably would need to mix it witha lighter flour like spelt maybe?).. and also used jaggery syrup instead of sugar.. might become a whole new dessert in itself!

    Thanks again.. Veena

    1. Hey Veena, I just saw the pic on FB. :) Glad you tried it out and it came out well. I haven't tried it with while wheat yet. Very hesitant to do so during Diwali because I want it to come out perfect. I'm yet to make some on a regular day. That's when I'll try whole wheat. But jaggery sounds like it'll be a completely different sweet. Haha Let me know how it turns out if you try.

      Oh and this time, the sugar crystallized very well on our Baadushas. Not like the ones in the pics above.

  4. Yes i think it takes a couple of tries to get the sugar 'paakam' to be right..
    By the way.. do you actually use coconut oil for the deep frying AND mixng in the dough? I did not have any, so used canola oil. My hubby was sayng that coconut oil (when mixed in the dough) probably gives the dough a different texture and a better result overall.. so I thought I would ask. I have never fried anything in coconut oil tho.. we always used canola. Maybe I should try next time.. tho I know some people dont lke the way it smells..

    You are kiddng me about ME trying the jaggery recipe out, right? I would never do it unless some expert blogger like you posts saying it was a success ;-) and then I would follow their recipe as close as possible.

    I think I might make the baadushah every Deepavali can be our 'deep fry once a year' day!! lol...
    Happy Deepavali to you.. the festival continues until we eat up all our baadushahs! ;-)

    1. Hahaha 'experts' come out of exper(t)i menting. :op

      Our Baadushas got finished at record speed this year. LOL We are seriously tempted to make another batch soon. :)

      Yeah, mixing the coconut oil into the dough really helps the texture turn out better. I deep fry most things in coconut oil. The flavour isn't as strong as one might imagine actually. You should try it sometime.

      This time though, I had some Earth Balance non-hydrogenated shortening on hand so I mixed that into the dough instead of coconut oil. But the deep frying was done in coconut oil.