Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carrot and Radish Stuffed Chapathis

Simple enough to make but OMG are these babies deeeelicious. Serve with a splosh of ketchup and a dash of Tabasco on the side and it's pure heaven! :)

Carrot and Radish Stuffed Chapathis

For the stuffing:

Grated Carrots
Grated Radish
Finely Chopped Onion
Crushed Green Chillies
Chopped Cilantro

Mix everything together and keep aside.

For the chapathi:

2 C whole wheat flour
2 tsp vegetable oil

Mix everything together with a little water to form a ball. Knead till it reaches an elastic consistency. Pinch off equal sized balls and roll out into circles.

Stuffed Chapathis rolling and filling

Place one rolled out chapathi on a flat surface and spread some of the stuffing mixture on it leaving a little bit of space around the edges. Place a second chapathi over it and seal the edges by pressing together gently.

Roasting the stuffed chapathi

Roast both sides of the chapathi on a pan over medium flame until golden brown.

Serve hot and enjoy! :)

Well actually, I love these at room temperate too after they've sat around for a few hours because the layers soak up the flavors and get a little soggy. So these make a great lunch box dish!

Carrot and Radish Stuffed Chapathis


  1. holy goodness!!!! Those look amazing. Thank you for the recipe--can't wait to make some tonight :)

  2. So thrilled to bits I came across your blog. Was introduced to your etsy page by a friend and then came here. Am a vegetarian who about 3 months ago turned completely vegan. Not just vegan, but also trying to cook fat free- or with very little oil, and I found some amazing recipes on your blog. Cannot wait to try them out. I have some questions on where to buy certain products....I live in Hyderabad. Is there an e mail I can reach you at? My e mail id is

  3. H Kamini, good to know you're finding the recipes on my blog helpful. :) Any questions you have, feel free to ask right here on my blog or even on my facebook page's wall:

  4. Carrots and radish are nutritious fillings for a chapathi.