Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raw Vegan Mango Pistachio Ice Cream

This one is soooooo easy peasy to make! Doesn't look like it and definitely doesn't taste like it. It's so delicious that you'd think it took hours of labor. Well, I didn't even need to make the effort of pulling out the ice cream maker for it. :oP

When you start with just plain fruits you can get a sorbet out of it. Well sorbets are light and slightly icy and can be nice sometimes, but they are just not ice creams! However, by adding a nut into the mix, you can achieve the kind of rich, creamy texture that all ice creams should have.

The beauty of this raw ice cream is that it has only healthy ingredients and you can eat as many scoops as you like without guilt (unless you're allergic to nuts).

Raw Vegan Mango Pistachio Ice Cream

3 very ripe mangoes (I used large Alphonsos)
1/4 cup plain, raw pistachios (without the shells) + 1-2 tsp (chopped/sliced)
Raw agave nectar to taste

Peel, cube and chill the mangoes in the fridge for a day.
Soak the 1/4 C pistas in filtered water for 5-6 hours.
Drain the pistas completely and chuck the water away.
Place the pistas in a blender/grinder/food processor and grind well.
Add the mangoes and blend some more, until you get a creamy mixture (it'll have the color of avocado).
Squirt in a little bit of the raw agave nectar and blend again.
Taste, add more agave if you desire and blend more.
Transfer to a freezer safe container, add sliced pista and whip with hand whisk for a few minutes.
Freeze overnight.
Transfer to fridge and leave for about an hour to soften it. Serve with an ice cream scoop. Enjoy! :)

Note: You can refreeze it after you've had your fill and then leave it in the fridge again for a while before eating each time.


  1. I do this with cashews. Must try with pistas. A new combo.:) It looks very delish from here, despite having demolished a chocolate tart some time back.:)

  2. That.looks.amazing.

    I will definitely give it a try!

  3. Oh yummy! We've gone mostly raw, 8-1-1, but this will be perfect for cravings! I don't have any pistachios, so I'll try cashews. I never through to do a raw ice cream without bananas since they add the creaminess usually. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Steph. :)

    Harini, Kristy, I know cashews are more popular for raw ice creams. This time I used pistas because hubby had been pestering me to make pista ice cream for a long time but I wanted to make mango ice cream because I had ripe mangoes on hand. So decided to experiment and combine the two. And because they worked so well together, I didn't even need to add any vegan whipping cream or soymilk. So ended up with a raw, healthy, tasty dessert. :) We loved the pista taste and texture so I'll be using that as a base for raw ice creams often.

  5. Oh and Kristy, you could also try avocados as a creamy base for raw ice creams with strong flavors like chocolate or coffee.

  6. Where are you guys buying the agave nectar (and stuff like nutritional yeast) from, in India? What is a good website to order them, for good prices? Please do a ingredients sourcing blog post... :)

    1. Paresh, we usually ask someone who's travelling back from the US to carry the nooch and agave back for us. I don't have sources here.

    2. And if you're looking for "good prices" then these ingredients aren't available anywhere. Haha