Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Saffron Infused Almond Dessert - Vegan MoFo post 5

As this highly addictive veganmofo madness continues, I have been feeling extremely grateful for my prior procrastination! Over the last few months, I had created a bunch of stuff in my kitchen and taken pictures, but I hadn't updated my blog with all of them. So now, during vegan mofo, since blog hopping and commenting has taken over my online life, I'm able to keep my blog up with the activity because the yummy food pictures are already waiting to be linked here. Phew! See, being lazy has its benefits. :D

This is an almond cream based mousse like dessert I concocted a while ago. It's raw, except for the little bit of agar agar (which needs to be cooked to work well). Pretty simple to make too! It would also have been a super quick dessert if it weren't for the slightly painful almond skin peeling step. But hey, even that is something you get a hang of over time. I've become a lot faster at it now than I used to be during my initial attempts.

Saffron Infused Raw Almond Dessert

1 C Almonds
2 pinches Saffron Strands
Raw Agave Nectar (to taste)
2 T Agar Agar flakes

Soak almonds overnight in filtered water to start the sprouting process.

In the morning, throw out the water and rinse the almonds thoroughly. This step ensures that your body absorbs the enzymes in the almonds better.

Now the part which involves effort. Patiently peel the skin off the almonds. You can pour more water over them so they stay moist through the peeling process, making it easier and quicker.

Blend the peeled almond into a smooth, creamy paste adding a wee bit of of fresh, filtered water.

Add the saffron and agave nectar and blend again. Taste and adjust the level of agave. Keep aside in the blender jar.

Boil 1/2 C water and add the agar agar flakes. Stir and cook on medium flame until the flakes have dissolved. Let it cool for a few minutes until slightly warmer than room temperature.

Pour this agar agar mixture into the blender jar with the almond paste in it and blend for a few beats just to get everything mixed well and whipped up.

Pour the almond cream into individual dessert bowls and chill in the fridge for a few hours.

Serve cold and enjoy! :)


  1. Cheater, cheater ;) This looks great. I need more agar agar, I only have half the amount of what your recipe calls for left which makes it agar, not agar agar.

  2. the almond saffron mousse sounds absolutely fab... yumm.. now if i can find some agar lakes here.. i am making some custards, pudding and panna cotta!

    I hear yu about the veganmofo madness.. i am going to try to revist blogs in november, since I cant do justice to all right now. November is meet and greet and make other recipes month!!

    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog,
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  3. Hehe Gi, the quantities in my recipes are always a guess because when I'm preparing stuff I just throw together things and concoct away! So I'm guessing if you use just agar instead of agar agar (giggle) then you'd get a slightly liquidy mousse. It'll be yummy nevertheless. :)

  4. Richa, maybe you could try a bit of arrowroot powder or corn starch in case you don't get agar flakes. It might do the 'holding together' trick. But try your local health food store, I often saw agar agar flakes in those kinds of places when I lived in the US.

  5. i know.. i saw some sometime back.. but it was too big a bottle.. and of course expensive.. so i am going to order it online.. cheaper!:) but will have to wait for the delivery. cornstarch makes it too mushy..

    Richa @

  6. Love saffron! This looks super easy to make.