Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raw, Vegan 'Rasmalai'

When I saw this link for Raw, Vegan 'Rasmalai' on my friend P's facebook profile yesterday, I was consumed by the desire to immediately attempt it. One just can't have the words VEGAN and RASMALAI jumping out from the same sentence and resist its pull. Any plans I'd had to laze around after lunch went right out the window. I prepared and gobbled up the chapati and tofu/capsicum curry in a big, fat hurry and lunged for my mixie, all the while showering a thousand blessings upon the heads of Rohit and Rishi of Roshi's who came up with this ingenious, raw concoction.

I tweaked the original recipe a wee bit. Here's the version I followed.

Raw Vegan Rasmalai

Cardamom and Saffron Flavored Cashew Mylk Base:

1/2 C Cashews
2-3 T Agave Nectar
4 Green Cardamom Seeds (crushed)
1 generous pinch Saffron Strands
1 3/4 C Water

Add all ingredients, except water, into a grinder jar and powder well. Add water a little at a time and make a smooth paste. Add the rest of the water and blend well to form a creamy vegan mylk. Keep aside.

Rasgulla Balls:

1 C Cashews
1 C Almonds
1/2 tsp Sesame Seeds (optional ingredient for added calcium)
5 Soft Dates (chopped)

In a dry jar, grind 1/2 C cashews and 1/2 C almonds into a fine powder. Separately grind the rest of the cashews and almonds along with the sesame seeds into small granules.

In a large bowl, mix everything with dates by hand until evenly distributed. Add 2 tablespoons of the cashew mylk and knead. Shape into 1 inch balls and lightly flatten them into saucers.

Place in a wide bowl and pour the prepared cashew mylk over them. Sprinkle sliced pistachios and a small pinch of saffron on top. Cover and keep aside for 7-8 hours for the balls to soak up the mylk and soften (this is the hardest part!!).

Tastes best when served cold.

Raw Vegan 'Rasmalai'

Note: This is a rich, healthy and extremely delicious dessert but it didn't turn out exactly like normal Rasmalai. The mylk did taste like the kind used in Rasmalai but the texture of the balls was not soft and creamy like Rasgulla should be. They were more like a rich, dry fruits barfi/ball soaked in decadent saffron mylk.

I will be redoing this recipe again and next time I will eliminate the dates and also lightly mix and shape the 'dough' rather than kneading.

But in the end, even if it doesn't turn out like Rasmalai, I don't really care because it tastes absolutely heavenly!! Plus it's easy to make, raw and healthy (not a single bad ingredient in there!). I even guiltlessly ate it for breakfast just now. :D

I have a feeling that this will be a staple dessert at our home. :)


  1. Ooh! I sang praises to them when I saw the recipe too yesterday! Thank you for making this and veganosaurus-certifying this. Will try it our for Christmas.

  2. niicee. i like the way the mylk is looking.. i think i am going to change the balls a bit..lets see.. ahh rasmalai! love the stuffed tatoes u just posted too!

  3. finally tried out for my B'day and again sday, seeing the original recipe.So missed out the healthy ingredient Sesame seeds! Will add next time. yes, doesn't taste like Rasmalai, but the taste is heavenly esp the milk!!

  4. Hi is there another option to adding dates? i prefer nut to mix the fruit and the nut.

    1. Hi Zainab, you can always add sugar or jaggery if you don't want to add dry fruits. In that case the recipe won't be raw but it'll still be very tasty. :)

  5. can anyone tell me is a rasmalai a vegan meal

    1. Hi Meena, Rasmalai is by default not vegan. It is usually made of animal milk products.

      Just this recipe is a vegan version, made of nut based mylks.