Monday, May 07, 2012

My Vegan Chocolate Mousse Demo Video at Vivanta by Taj

Last week I shared a video of my first demo on making nut milks and ice creams at Vivanta by Taj on 28th April. It was a part of the Vegan Demo and Lunch event organized at their fine dining restaurant, Graze in association with FIAPO.

There was another such event again last Saturday (5th May) with a completely different menu than the first event. After Sous Chef Uday Nathan had finished demoing the first three courses of the menu, I showed everyone how to make the dessert, Chocolate Mousse made of Tofu. It was really nice of Uday to readily let me do this demo at his event.

The Mousse was originally not part of the menu, the accompaniment for the Cinnamon Coconut Mylk Ice Cream (the other portion of the dessert) was to be Espresso Brownies. But a week before the first event, members of the press were to drop in for dinner on short notice. I hadn't taught Uday how to make the brownies yet. Well, I'd given him the recipe but he wanted me to be present in is kitchen when attempting it for the first time because he was nervous about trying a Vegan Brownie out himself and getting the texture right. That's when I told him how to make Chocolate Mousse with Tofu. It was simple enough to explain on the phone and after a couple of phone calls, he had picked up the method.

That night the press people were completely blown away by the Tofu Mousse. Not surprising to me, as almost everyone has this reaction to the Vegan Mousse. :) They had high praises for it in their newspaper write-ups. After that, making it a part of the menu was a no-brainer.

Here's a video of my demo:

You'll get to read more about the event with pictures of the food in another blog post.


  1. keep blowing them away with cruelty free deliciousness!! i bet soon you will have to hire a 24/7 video team to capture all your planned and impromptu demos ;) So happy for u!

    1. haha wouldn't that be fun? a reality show about veganism! :)

  2. wow..looks amazing..congrats..!
    new to your space
    lovely space you have
    happy following you..:)
    do stop by mine sometime
    Tasty Appetite

  3. Congratulations. The demo video was excellent. Yes you need to find lot of alternate for vegan substitutes with out compromising on the taste. Keep it going.