Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Veg Kheema - Guest post by dassana of veg recipes of india

I met dassana, today's special guest, on the blogosphere and when I visited her blog Veg Recipes of India for the first time, I was overcome by a drool attack over all her delicious Indian recipes and the beautiful, step by step photographs.

Her recipes are vegetarian and a lot of them are vegan. My favourite is the amritsari chole. I loved her idea of using black tea while cooking the chickpeas! Ever since I read that recipe, I've often popped tea bags into the pressure cooker while cooking all kinds of beans.

A unique aspect of dassana's writing style on her blog and Facebook page is that she types in lowercase all the time. It's sort of her style. Just thought I'd share that bit of information in case you were wondering why I hadn't capitalised the 'd' in dassana's name. It's because she writes it that way. :)

Now on to the delicious veg kheema recipe that dassana is sharing today.

Thank you for guest posting on Veganosaurus, dassana! :)


Veg Kheema - Guest post by dassana of veg recipes of india

susmitha had asked me long time back to guest post for her. not that i had forgotten but life became busy and i was not able to write the guest post. so finally i mailed susmitha that i will be writing the post and here it is.

this recipe of veg kheema is basically lightly spiced minced veggies cooked indian style. kheema is the hindi word which means to mince. the veggies are minced/grated/finely chopped and then steamed with indian herbs and spices. veg kheema goes well with rotis and even bread. they can also be stuffed in burgers or buns with some raw tomato-cucumber slices along with lettuce and you have a healthy snack or brunch.

any vegetables of your choice can be used. the dish is mildy spiced, aromatic & too good to taste and healthy as well. the recipe is easy to make and does not take much of your time.

veg kheema recipe details below:

1 medium size carrot, grated or minced or chopped finely
7-8 mushrooms, chopped finely
7-8 cauliflower florets, grated or minced or chopped finely
7-8 french beans, chopped finely
1/2 cup green peas, boiled
2 medium size tomatoes, finely chopped
1 medium size onion, finely chopped
1 green chilli, finely chopped
1/2 inch ginger and 2-3 garlic - crushed finely in a mortar-pestle or made into a paste
1 black cardamom
1 inch cinnamon
1/2 tp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp coriander powder
2 cups water
1-2 tbsp sunflower oil
salt as required

heat oil in a pan.
add whole garam masala spices - black cardamom & cinnamon.
add chopped onion.
fry till light brown.
add the ginger garlic paste.
then add tomatoes and all the spice powders.
fry the whole mixture till the oil separates.
add all the veggies except boiled green peas.
add water and salt.
cover and cook till all veggies are cooked well.
the mixture should become dry and there should be no moisture.
now add the green peas and stir.
check the seasonings.
serve hot garnished with coriander leaves with some rotis, phulkas, naan or bread.

Veg Kheema - Guest post by dassana of veg recipes of india


  1. I love Dassana's blog. This recipe is just wonderful and so packed with flavor. Great photography as well :)

    1. Yeah even I'm a big fan of dassana's blog. Thanks for dropping by Nandita. :)

  2. thanks susmitha :-) do try the veg kheema

    1. dassana, I tried it and it was yum! :) thanks again for doing the guest post for my blog.

  3. i love love this recipe.. kheema= perfect for a potluck!

  4. Delicious recipe, I love veg Kheema... looking at this makes me hungry now :)!

  5. veg kheema sounds so delicious. I have to make it sometime...

  6. very nice recipe very innovative nice to know ur space.good work.

  7. This is a great recipe! It tastes as good even when you cook it in Zero oil - just dry roast the masalas in onion without the oil. Does take much longer to cook though if done in Zero oil. Also try adding Silken Tofu - if you like the flavour of Tofu.

    1. Anurag, I added tofu when I tried it. It was yum! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  8. Its a very good recipe andi tried it too .. but some punch is missing in the taste . Dont know what .. if some one could find out please let me know

  9. It was a great recipe with full of healthy ingredients. But when I tried it it lacked a punch in the taste. Something which I couldnt figure it out. If some one could help me with it ?

    1. Pradeepa, add lime juice and mix. It does the trick. :)

  10. such an mouth watering recipe, wanted to try it