Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Morning Banana Mocha Smoothie

Monday morning zombiness? Treat yourself to a large mug full of Happy Morning Banana Mocha Smoothie and zip through your week like a boss! :D

Happy Morning Banana Mocha Smoothie

I'm probably going to be hated for saying this, but Monday mornings aren't such a big deal to me. :p Considering I work for myself, on my own schedule, I sometimes like to extend my weekend until late afternoon on Mondays. But, this means my Fridays are very packed. I want to finish off all pending work and household chores from the week so that I am mentally free during the weekends.

This last Saturday was a busy one for me. I had a baking event at Carrots where I demonstrated how to make vegan brownies, cookies, bread and tea. I'll be posting the event video and recipes next week. So Friday was an especially busy day for me because I had a lot to get done. I made this awesome smoothie for myself on Friday morning and it really helped me buzz about my day's work super smoothly. :D

I figured, Monday would be a great day to share this recipe with all of you. Here's a step by step tutorial:


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