Monday, July 15, 2013

Krya Sustainable Goodies Vegan Challenge and Giveaway

After hearing a lot of praises about it, we started using the Krya Natural Detergent Powder at the end of last year. I will only say two things about it: One, we should've switched to Krya earlier. Two, we're never going back to commercial, chemical clothes wash detergents again. Period.

Krya Natural Detergent Powder

Krya Natural Detergent Powder is made from certified, organic soapberries that have been sun ripened, dried and ground. It is designed to be used for washing clothes by hand as well as in front and top loading washing machines.

A pack of 400g costs ₹290 (inclusive of shipping to anywhere in India). This might seem expensive at first when you look at it in terms of weight. But just one tablespoon of the powder, that's about 10g, is enough for a single 5kg wash load (as compared to the 60g per wash load recommended by commercial detergent brands). At an average of ₹7.50 per wash, the price is definitely comparable to any chemical filled washing powder. And in terms of value, the Krya natural powder kicks any commercial detergent's butt any day!

Krya's parents are Preethi and Srinivas. They are focussed on creating natural products that are good for us and the environment. Of course they are vegan, and so are the goodies they create. Sustainability is incorporated in every step - creation, packaging and shipping. Read the Krya story to understand the wonderful principles behind their business. Also follow their Facebook Page to get lots of useful information on natural home products.

After three years of specialising in their Natural Detergent, they have now launched their second product - Krya Natural Dishwash Powder. This dish wash is made on the same principles as the detergent. It consists of certified organic ingredients - soapberries, neem, zedoary and lemongrass essential oil.

Krya Natural Dishwash Powder

I was lucky to be one of the pre-launch testers for this product and I shared some with my mom too. Mom, me and Sharadamma (lady who washes the dishes at mom's place) were all very impressed with the results! The dishwash powder does an excellent job on glass, ceramic, silver, plastic and steel. I am particularly impressed with the way glass sparkles after being washed with the Krya Dishwash without any water marks on it.

Though the dishwash powder is designed to work for manual washing of vessels, I tested it out in my dishwasher too and am happy with the results. But I'm inclined to using it more for hand washing vessels because I enjoy the powder's fragrance. :)

I also used some of the powder to mop the floors at our home as an experiment and am super thrilled with how clean the finish is!

The Krya Natural Dishwash Powder is priced at ₹190 for a pack of 350g. A little powder goes a long way!

Now that the introductions are over, let's move on to our Challenge and Giveaway.

Krya Natural Detergent Powder

To celebrate the launch of their new product, Krya is giving away a few prizes on Veganosaurus. We have two different challenges with a total of five winners. The first challenge is for vegans and the second is for people who are not vegan. Every winner will get of one box each of the Krya Detergent and the Krya Dishwash.

This giveaway is open only to people living in India (apologies to my overseas peeps).

Challenge for vegans (two winners):

* Prepare any recipe from this blog
* Share a photograph of it on the Veganosaurus Facebook Page or email it to shop at veganosaurus dot com
* Also tell us why you feel you should win this prize
* Last date for submission is Sunday, 5th August 2013 (was originally 28th July but has now been extended)
* All photos will then be posted here on the blog for public voting
* The two people whose photos have the most votes will win the goodies :)

Challenge for non-vegans (three winners):

* Have one completely vegan meal - breakfast or lunch or dinner
* Click a photo of your meal and post it with a description on the Veganosaurus Facebook Page or email it to shop at veganosaurus dot com
* The description should have all the following information:
a) What did you eat?
b) How did you feel about eating a completely vegan meal?
c) Did you miss anything about going vegan?
* Last date for submission is Sunday, 5th August 2013 (was originally 28th July but has now been extended)
* All entries will then be posted here on the blog for public voting
* The three people whose entries have the most votes will win the goodies :)

Looking forward to all your submissions.
Enjoy! :)


  1. Can we make more than one entry? Also, is the last date extended? - Pintu.

    1. Sure you can make multiple entries as it will increase your chances of winning, but each person is eligible for only one prize. :)

    2. I forgot to add that yes, the last date has been extended by one week. It is now 5th August.

      Please do spread the word about this contest, Pintu.