Friday, January 23, 2009

Art by Susmitha loves Etsy Hacks


A fantastic site I discovered when schoollocker mentioned it on twitter. If you're a seller on etsy and use the firefox browser, you can install the Greasemonkey Add-on and then you're set to start adding the nifty scripts that Ian of etsyhacks has created.

This site is a treasure trove of awesome tools which will improve your etsy experience to a great extent! There are tools for the shop, the forums and the treasuries. And Ian very generously makes all these available for free. For those who love the tools, there's a donate button if you'd like to show your appreciation.

When I first looked at this site I was (cliché alert) like a kid in a candy store. I installed a whole lot of scripts and it barely took any time for each one to get added to my Greasemonkey. At first I thought I'd send in a donation but then I saw there was an option to be a sponsor for any of the scripts and also get some advertisement out of it. Pretty neat deal!

I e-mailed Ian and he turned out to be very friendly and communicative. He provided me with all the specifics I wanted to know about. When the script I was interested in sponsoring wasn't available, he made it a point to keep me posted on its progress. And then when he was about to release a new script which was bound to get popular, he gave me dibs on the sponsorship spot :)

So now I'm the proud sponsor (for 1 month to begin with) of the Copy Listing script :)

This is an awesome tool which has been requested for at the etsy forums time and again. When you are viewing a listing within your store, the Copy Listing script adds a link which when you click on it, creates a new listing with all the info (except the photos) from the previous listing. You know what that means? No more typing tags info over and over again! Yaaaah, like a dream come true, no? :D

So go check out Ian's awesomastic scripts and if you love them, then do consider donating a bit to the site to show your appreciation.

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