Friday, September 18, 2009

Mitsy's Flickr Favorites Game

I'm playing the Flickr Favories game on ARTMIND. The theme I choose for my mosaic is Vegan Cakes.. Surprised much? :D

So here are a bunch of awesome pictures of vegan cakes I found on flickr showcased in the form of a mosaic...

vegan cakes mosaic picture
1. Vegan bike cake!, 2. Vegan Chocolate Cake, 3. Vegan 49ers Cake, 4. Vegan Chocolate Cake, 5. vegan valentine cake, 6. Tomato Spice Cake (Vegan), 7. vegan birthday cake 2, 8. vegan raspberry cake, 9. flat tire cake (vegan), 10. Vegan Chocolate Cake Take 1, 11. Vegan Peace Of Cake, 12. frances and rob's vegan wedding cake, 1, 13. organic vegan devils food cake

If you want to play this game or check out all the other beautiful entires, visit Mitsy's blog.


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