Thursday, December 03, 2009

December's Full Moon Miracles - Canadian Rockies Art.

December has kicked off to an excellent start for me! The full moon has brought with her some wonderful miracles into my life. There are so many already that I can't even begin to list them all here. And I know there are plenty more in store for me all month long. I can just feel it! :D

Over the next few weeks, I'll log some of these experiences here on my blog so I can share my joys with all of you.

Jezyka gorgeous necklace by Nathalie GirardI'd like to start with something that I've been gloating about since Tuesday morning. :D I won a $50 gift certificate to the highly talented jewelry artist, Nathalie Girard's fabulous Artfire store Canadian Rockies Art. All I did was take part in a contest where I had to promote her store on Twitter on Cyber Monday. This dear friend of mine is so talented and such a wonderful person that I wouldn't have needed a prize to promote her. :) Of course I did put in a bit of extra effort because I SO wanted to win that GC! And well, apparently I kicked ass!! :D

Now I'm in a fix! There are too many gorgeous pieces to choose from! LOL

The picture above shows one of my most favorite pieces by Nathalie. Jezyka sterling silver necklace "featuring a stunning 22 carats Hydrothermal Quartz in the shade of the finest Paraiba Blue Tourmaline." It's available at her Artfire store right now but I don't think it'll last long there.

Mended Heart pendant by Nathalie GirardAnd then there's this unique copper pendant called Mended Heart. Here's what Nathalie says about the piece... "Throughout our lives, our hearts get broken for many reasons and in various ways…. many times over… and with time, we patch things up and keep on going...Mended Heart - a pendant about life and the uniqueness of each of us."

Apart from all the metal and wire pieces, Nathalie also creates some simple and cute ear studs in a range of designs. I own a pair of her basic Little Rock Studs and I wear them all the time! Here are the adorable garnet and lapis treasures I've been eyeing for a while now...

Lapis Lazuli TreasuresRhodolite Garnet Treasures

And finally, here's a sweet sterling silver Hugs n Kisses - XOXOXO finger ring. Thankfully it's one of her many "made to order" items, so even if it get's sold by the time I make up my mind, I can always get more. :)

Hugs n Kisses - XOXOXO Rustic Fine Silver Ring Band

Well I'm sure you can see my dilemma now. Fortunately I do have a bit of time to decide on what goodies to treat myself to. And while I'm making up my mind, I can sell and build up my reserves because in all likelihood, I'm not going to stop at 50 dollars once I begin to shop at Canadian Rockies Art!

P.S: Click on any of the pictures above to be taken to their specific listing.


  1. Congratulations on winning my Gift Certificate - you worked so hard for it my dear, it's very well deserved!

    You're making me blush - thank you so much for your lovely blog post about my work. It warms my heart :)

    Hugs and love,
    Nat xoxo

  2. Congratulations! Be sure to share with us what you pick out! :)