Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Carnival of Vegan Decadence - Namma Bengaluru

Call Carnival Bakery and a lady with a sweet voice is the one who's likely to answer the phone. After you ask her if their baked goods have eggs or dairy, she calmly assures you that she knows what Vegan means and politely waits while you first gasp and then recover from this delightful news. Then she proceeds to spring upon you the information that they have a separate special Vegan menu!! I'm guessing that by now she's well enough trained to immediately move the receiver away from her to protect her ear drums from the high pitched screech which emanates from your mouth.

It was K, my sister in Veganism, who stumbled upon this rare pearl (let me clarify that I'm referring to a Vegan Swarovski glass pearl here) while on a hunt for the perfect bagels. When she called me to share this news, I nearly did the Nakka Mukka. I vaguely recall registering the life-changingness of this information while my head swam with innumerable possibilities.

Sure, I'm quite capable of whipping up some fabulous Vegan desserts of my own at anytime. But now, when the craving hits me and I'm feeling lazy, the delicious treats are just a phone call away. And the BEST part is that I don't have to bake my own Birthday cake ever again! :D

My first order with them was a Black Forest Cake. No surprises there because that was my favorite gateau from my evil pre-Vegan days. It had been 7 years since I'd had a bite of the perfect Black Forest. Well I must admit that this wasn't the perfect Black Forest, but it sure was a delightful sight and pretty yummy too! Particularly after soaking in the fridge for a day (I've seen that cakes always need ripening time of at least 24 hours, ideally 48, before they reach their peak). The sponge didn't seem to have any cocoa so I did ask them why the weren't doing the traditional chocolate cake base. They said that they do use cocoa powder but in a limited quantity and that's why the chocolate cake wasn't of a chocolate color. Plus they claim that other bakeries use brown food coloring to enhance the look of the chocolate cake but they don't. That is definitely a good thing!

Then last week I succumbed to temptation once again and ordered a Rum Ganache Cake and some Doughnuts with various frostings (sorry no pics of the doughnuts). OMG the Rum Ganache was amazing!!! I was totally blown away by the presentation as well as the pure decadent taste! And the middle layer was soaked and moist to perfection!

THIS is what I recommend as your very first order from Carnival Bakery! Then you can follow it up by ordering the delightfully soft, moist and creamy 7 Fruit Cake (the birthday cake featured above which K ordered for her DH).

Carnival Bakery offers home delivery. Within a 2 kilometer radius of their premises the minimum order is Rs. 200 and the delivery is free. But hey, it's likely that you, like me, live no where near Sarjapur Road. And so for kindly traveling through the horrible Bangalore traffic in the sweltering heat, it is only fair that your order makes it worth their while. The minimum order in this case starts at Rs. 1000 and the delivery charges would depend on your order. Rs. 50, Rs. 100 and so on.

I must mention here that the person who delivers is a polite, professional guy called Karthik. And judging by my last order, where he was really nice after I made him wait for about 10 minutes, he seems to be quite patient too.

So here are the details of Carnival Bakery for you. Enjoy! :)

Carnival Cakes
Manager: Mr Sadhish Kumar
No.65/3, Nr Shoba Onyx,
Agara Post, Sarjapur Main Rd,
Sarjapur Road,
Bangalore – 560034
Tel. (80)-25723148 / 9916754689

They will e-mail you their Vegan Menu or if you'd like to see it online you can find it on the Vegan Bengaluru Blog.

Apple Crumble Pie (a tad sweet for my liking but nice enough).


  1. Oh wow, ok, that's it, I'm moving to India... well not really, but I would love to stop by this amazing bakery... maybe someday !!!! Yum!!!! Thank you for sharing ;0)

  2. Hey you're welcome to visit anytime Michele! :)

  3. I'm so excited to see this! I'm going to try vegan cakes from this bakery...

    Since in India, I have only seen soy milk. What are they using for butter and cream, i mean what are the dairy alternatives used in this bakery for vegan cakes...

  4. What do they use for cream and butter, I mean what are the dairy alternatives...

  5. Kumudha, the 'cream' topping used on the cake is a plant based, non-dairy whip topping from this brand called Rich's. Surprisingly, a lot of places use this since it has a much longer shelf life. The whipped cream that they serve in most Coffee Days is this one. So it's one of those Vegan by mistake items. :)

    As for butter, you don't really require butter to make cake. So no replacement there.

  6. Just discovered this blog and almost gasped reading the article about Carnival! I too had made a cold call at Carnival sometime early this year and was zapped when the Head Chef over there uttered the word "vegan" before I could!! In fact have just started blogging with mates to help spread vegan consciousness through a blog called Vegan India! We too have an article on Carnival. Way to go, keep up the good work!!

  7. Also, the pictures of the goodies are very familiar - identical to ones in the Bangalore Vegan site! So I am guessing you are part of the Bangalore Vegan group :)

  8. Hi Ambrosia, Carnival has become the most popular place to order vegan goodies from for various occassions among the Bengaluru Vegans now. :D

    And yep, those pictures that have been used at the Vegan Bengaluru blog are the same ones here and have been clicked by yours truly. :) Isabel, who runs Vegan Bengaluru, saw them in my facebook album, dedicated completely to vegan goodies, and asked if she could grab them for the blog. :)

  9. Wow! this is amazing...birthday coming up..looks like i can have cake after all! thanks for this!!