Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vegan Craft Samples - Earth Day 2010

Vegan themed pendantsMy friend from the Vegan Etsy and Etsy Veg teams Heather Snogles started up Vegan Craft Samples a while ago and it's been a huge success ever since! Each year has about 4 Vegan Craft Samples Bags getting released to which various artists and crafters contribute their wonderful creations. When you purchase a bag, not only do you get a mix of beautiful stuff made by various talented people, you also help out an animal charity to which all profits from the bags go.

EarringsWhile there are many sample bags of this sort being run, Heather is the only one who runs an all Vegan bag and also donates 100% of the profits to an animal sanctuary.

The next bag is the one for Earth Day 2010 and they go on sale on the 4th of April 2010 (only a few days away!!). The chosen animal charity for this time is Carolina Pet Rescue.

Wire BookmarksThe bags will be available in 3 sizes - small (8-10 items), regular (17-20 items) and large (22+ items). They will be up for sale at the Vegan Craft Samples Website and Etsy Store.

Once these babies come out, they sell like hotcakes so make sure you grab them quickly! :)

MonstersCurrently, the Etsy Store also has a yearly subscription for all 2010 bags up for sale. If you buy this, you'll receive all the 3 remaining bags for 2010 without having to worry about remembering to grab them in time.

MonstersAbout 2 weeks ago, I sent in my goodies for the bags from both my stores - Art by Susmitha and Veganosaurus. This morning, I logged in to find an e-mail from Heather, saying that my box has reached. :)

My packaging for the Vegan Samples BagsWhile I had been making my creations to send in, I had been hunting for a fun packaging idea, particularly for the monsters. I really wanted it to be whimsical yet different. Then one day, while I was doing my normal chores and basically feeling thoughtless, the idea just hit me... Comic Strips! :)

Monsters peeking out of the packagesSo I spent a couple of days, snipping comics from the daily newspaper and used them to wrap the monsters and a few of the other goodies. It took a bit of effort but it was totally worth it!

EarringsKeep an eye out for the Veganosaurus Monsters or the Art by Susmitha Jewelry and Wire Book Marks in your Vegan Samples Bag. And if you find one, I'd love to hear from you about it! Please drop a comment right here to let me know what you think. :)





  1. OH BOY! I'm defenitely going to buy a big bag!! These are soooo awesome, Susmitha! Love the monsters & jewels! Plus, a wonderful cause, what more could you ask for? XOXO :)

  2. Thanks Heather. :)

    Even I can't wait for the bags to go on sale! Waiting to get my paws on one. :D

  3. Oh wow! What beautiful goodies you made Sus!!!

    I know these bags are going to be a mega hit!

    Nat xoxo

  4. Holy Moly! So many goodies Sus! Love the little monsters, they are adorable!!! All the jewelry is aweesome too! Those are going to be some special goodie bags!
    Hugs! Donna xoxo

  5. I hope I get one of your creations in my bag!


  6. Vegan Craft Sample bags are finally on sale!!!!!

  7. Thank you Donna. :)

    Pips, be sure to let me know if you do get one. :)

  8. Yeah, I grabbed my bag. Can't wait for it to reach! :)