Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hypnotic Energy Paintings

I was soaking in the jacuzzi next to the hotel pool one evening and this sweet little girl came into the tub and struck up a conversation with me. We started playing "who can hold their breath the longest under water" and she kicked my butt at it most of the time! LOL After some time she introduced herself as Gloria and the two ladies with her were her mom Denisa and her aunt Sania.

And that's how I met Dr. Denisa Legac, one of the very interesting people I've crossed paths with on this trip. She is a Life Coach from Croatia and also a very talented artist. She creates beautiful paintings with healing messages behind them. These are called Hypnotic Energy Paintings and she incorporates them into the therapy process.

I decided to do an audio interview with her so that you can hear in her own voice all about this amazing healing style. I have chosen a few of her art pieces which spoke to me most and under each picture I've posted an audio clip in which Denisa describes the underlying message.

You can find more of her paintings on her gallery page at her No Limits Therapy website.

Dr. Denisa Legac

Young Love

Learning to Love

Learning to Love


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