Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 2 Flashback and a Video - Vegan Mofo Post 14

So last week was super duper busy and as we got closer to the weekend, things got busier. I'm a stay at home kind of girl so busy for me = going out anywhere. And if I go out three days in a row, even if it is to have fun, that takes a toll on my homebody self. So come Friday, when I had to go out again in the late afternoon (for something nice but more on that in tomorrow's post) and returned home only by 9pm after which dinner was made and eaten only past 11pm (yeah, super late for eating, I know!) I just didn't have it in me to do a Vegan MoFo post. So I gave in and figured I'd take a day or two off.

However, two days of staying away from the fun is enough. I'm back now, and equipped for the week to come I might add. And because I took off for the two days, I thought I'd share something extra special with you all for today's post... My first Veganosaurus monster video! :)

But before that, let's take a quick look at last week's entries on my blog:

Day 8 - Round up of Vegan MoFo week 1's activities followed by a huge bunch of random photos of vegan food made by me.

Day 9 - Another photo blog post filled with images from my first professional photography session at In The Pink.

Day 10 - A focus on two of my favorite simple and tasty festival foods - a sweet and a snack.

Day 11 - A quickie organic salad that I make often.

Day 12 - One glorious vegan burrito!

Day 13 - This delicious potato baked dish that I concocted in a jiffy.

Day 14 and 15, I rested.

And now for the star of today's show.

This one's a quickie 2 second claymation video but there are plenty more, perhaps longer ones to come because I had so much fun making this one and playing it over and over again. :oP

Back story:

Someone had been surreptitiously taking big bites off my vegan chocolate chip cookies and DH claimed he was innocent. A hidden camera caught this shot of the little burglar.

Finish those vegan cookies while you can because this little guy has the ability to teleport into your cookie jar.

Have a great week ahead! :)


  1. That claymation is so cute! I'm sending the PPK over to watch it. Thank you for your very interesting and informative post today at misoforbreakfast! Be sure to enter the worldwide giveaways (I think there are six?) coming up if the items interest you.

  2. Hehe, that is an adorable little cookie thief!