Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Announcing the winners of the Krya Vegan Challenge and Giveaway

Last month, I hosted a giveaway for Krya's products here. Two people entered and they are going to receive these awesome Krya goodies - Krya Natural Detergent and Krya Natural Dishwash. The rest of you people who were too lazy to enter, you can go ahead and feel very jealous now. :D

Congrats Gina Vijaykumar and Logasaraswathy Kathiresan! :)

Thank you so much for entering, Logasaraswathy and Gina. Please send your mailing address with a link to this blog post to Preethi at and she will send you your prize packs. Enjoy! :)

Here are the entries:

Gina, who is not vegan, shared her completely vegan meal and her thoughts on vegan food:

"This was our simple Sunday lunch of mixed veg fried rice with lobia curry. Vegan meals are much lighter on the system - you do not feel bloated or sluggish. We enjoyed our meal sans animal products. We are vegan a couple of days a week. Today is one of those days :)"

Gina's mixed veg fried rice with lobia curry

Logasaraswathy, who is a vegan, entered the challenge with two recipes she tried from my blog:

1. Vegan Very Vanilla Cake

Pintu's Vegan Very Vanilla Cake

2. Vegan 'Rasmalai'

Pintu's Vegan 'Rasmalai'

This is what she had to say:

"The 'Rasmalai' is not 'raw' in my recipe, as I had added sugar. I will surely try it with agave nectar soon!

Why I feel, I should win this prize?
Because (just two reasons!)
1. Apart from being Vegan, I'm trying my best to be Eco-friendly, by buying and using organic products; and also trying to minimize my wants. I'm a regular customer of Krya.
2. I'm a regular visitor of both the Blogs - Veganosaurus & Krya!"

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  1. This is my first time dropping by! :) Man, these Vegan Very Vanilla Cakes look so good!