Friday, November 01, 2013

Celebrations and Richa Hingle's Vegan Diwali Sweets eBook Giveaway

Vegan Richa Diwali Sweets Ebook


I love November! There are so many things to celebrate this month. It's World Vegan Month and 1st November is World Vegan Day. It's also Kannada Rajyotsava Day, when we celebrate the formation of our state, Karnataka. Certain awesome people are born in November. *ahem* And November is Movember, a month long celebration of mustaches. And yes, much to the chagrin of my hubby, this year too, I'm going to be sporting a mush on various profile pictures. bahahah :{D

Movember 2013

Then, there's Deepavali (also called Diwali) coming up tomorrow and the festivities will go on for 3-4 days. Deepavali falls in the month of October or November depending on the Hindu calendar and moon cycles. I'm glad it's in November this year. It adds yet another reason to party during this month of celebrations. Yummy sweets and snacks, here I come! Wheeee!!!

In all my years of being vegan, I've found certain Indian Sweets to be quite tricky to veganise. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Jamoons and Bengali Sweets! After finally managing to get Jamoons fairly right, I wrote a long blog post about it last year. But sadly, no amount of effort led to good vegan Bengali Sweets. Over and over again, I tried to make Rasgullas, Rasmalais and even Sandesh, but all attempts only led to frustrating little rubbery balls which stubbornly refused to soak up the delicious sauces and syrups they were dunked into. Grrrrr.

So imagine my thrill when Richa of Vegan Richa started to share photographs of GORGEOUS looking Rasmalais on her Facebook Page! I was totally jealous that she's managed to get the recipe right, but I was also filled with gratitude and happiness and generally a lot of "SQUEEEEEEEES" because recipes for delicious, vegan Bengali Sweets had *finally* come into existence.

Richa's Rasmalais

To be honest, it comes as no surprise to me that Richa was the one to crack the Rasgulla code. She is the mistress of Indian Sweets! :) It also doesn't surprise me that her first eBook is one filled with Vegan Diwali Sweets.

This book is filled with gorgeous pictures and recipes for a bunch of much loved Indian desserts. You can clearly see that Richa has put a lot of time and effort into creating it. And she's so generously giving away all the sales generated from the eBook sales to two wonderful animal charities.

You can read more about the book and buy it on her blog. You can also win a copy for yourself right here on Veganosaurus by entering the giveaway below. The giveaway will be open all weekend and a winner will be announced on Monday or Tuesday.

Do spread the word about this wonderful eBook and this giveaway. Thanks for entering! :)

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  1. I love the besan Laddoo! So easy to make and can be stored for a longtime. :)

  2. Besan Laddoo makes an awesome vegan sweet! It can be stored for long and its really delicious.

  3. I've subscribed to this blog on their feedburner!

  4. Picking just one favorite is so hard. Can I say "anything chocolatey?"

  5. Thank you for the wonderful post Susmitha! that moustache does look cute on you ;)

    1. Hehe thanks Richa. The look has *grown* on me. Teehee

      Thanks for creating yummy sweets! :)

  6. What no more entries. Even if my favorite holiday is mustache day. And other than black and white cookies and vanilla milk shakes, jalum gulab. Is that in the book? I know you and Richa are both the mistresses of Indian sweets. I wanna play.

    1. I'm only the mistress of ice creams, Geegers. :D I need to make many more Indian sweets before reaching the mistress level. :)

      Sorry you missed the giveaway by a few hours. :( The book does have yummy Gulab Jamun recipes, one GF version too. So it's definitely worth owning. :)